Graphing is an important tool to help students understand information. Creating graphs gives students an opportunity to practice counting, sorting, and organizing to compare and analyze data. Graphs also help students learn how to use the information to answer questions and solve problems.

If you are an early elementary teacher, you know have probably been challenged in the past year to find ways to replicate hands-on practice from a distance or without sharing manipulatives. Digital graphing offers an interactive alternative to traditional class charts or graphing worksheets.

Saves Time

Preparing class graphs can be time-consuming. You may have to run copies, cut out the pieces, etc. Digital graphs require no prep time in cutting out pieces for students to use in picture graphs. They can easily be assigned for distance learning, classroom centers, or homework.


Saves Space

It can be difficult to find space to display large class graphs in your classroom. In the best case scenario, you may have a dedicated pocket chart for graphing, but even those take up a lot of room! Digital graphs do not require any wall space. The teacher can display it for the whole class for modeling or students can work on it individually.


Results in Fewer Germs

When students work digitally on their own devices, there is no need to worry about having enough manipulatives or sharing materials. An added bonus to this is less opportunity to spread germs!


Provides Engaging Practice

Interactive drag and drop with colorful pieces and fun themes are more fun than traditional worksheets. (Or at least we think so! 🤣)


Increases Precipitation

Digital graphs allow each child the opportunity to manipulate the pieces and be engaged in the building of the graph. It gives every student the opportunity to interpret the graph and use the information to answer questions.

Are you ready to give it a try? Digital graphing with Creation Castle meets kindergarten standards. Digital graphing with Resource Ranch meets first-grade standards.

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Rhonda is the author of Resource Ranch. Most of her classroom experience has been in early elementary. She has also taught Title I Reading, ESL, and gifted students. She is certified as a Texas teacher in grades 1-8 and as a K-12 librarian.