Seasonal Fun in the Elementary Classroom

Teaching about the seasons and holidays in your classroom can be fun AND meaningful! One way we like to connect holidays and seasons to our lessons is through the use of picture books, so you’ll find we mention trade books a lot.

Check out these blog posts for ideas and activities to help you integrate holidays and seasonal fun into your classroom.

Unlocking the Magic of Leap Year in the Classroom

Unlocking the Magic of Leap Year in the Classroom

Leap into the magic of Leap Year with our creative and educational ideas for kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. Discover hands-on activities, engaging books, and delightful crafts that make learning about Leap Year fun and memorable. Seamlessly integrate Leap Year into your curriculum with age-appropriate math, science, and writing tips. Download free resources and embark on a leap-tastic journey of simplicity and joy in your classroom!

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