The story, Too Many Carrots, has wonderful illustrations and gives many opportunities to talk with students about what a good friend should and shouldn’t do.

Too Many Carrots Summary

Rabbit has collected so many carrots he needs to find a new home because his burrow is overflowing with them. His friends try to help, but the carrots keep causing further problems. Finally, Rabbit realizes that the only way to solve his problem is to share his carrots and home with his friends.

Read Aloud Questions for Too Many Carrots

Before Reading

  • Where do you think the rabbit got all of those carrots?
  • How many carrots do you think would be too many for a rabbit?
  • What do you think the rabbit will do with so many carrots?

During Reading

  • What is Rabbit’s’ problem? 
  • If the burrow wasn’t big enough, does it make sense that Rabbit would try to share Turtle’s shell? 
  • Was Bird’s nest a good idea for a place for all of them to sleep? Why?

After Reading

  • Who tried to help solve Rabbit’s problem? 
  • Why weren’t any of his friends successful in helping Rabbit? 
  • Do you think Rabbit was a good friend?

Connecting Standards to Too Many Carrots


Look for words in the story that describe the animal’s homes, such as cozy, small, snug, etc. Have students practice using adjectives by writing sentences about their own homes.

Past Tense Verbs

The story contains many past tense verbs (loved, collected, burrowed, crowded, offered, suggested, replied, hauled, groaned, wobbled, swayed, snapped, whimpered, grumbled, bewildered, shivered, squeaked, collapsed, yelled, cried, realized). Teach a mini-lesson on when to use present and past tense verbs.

Major Events

Many picture books have a beginning and ending with one main event that takes place in the middle of the story. This story has four events; one with each friend, that are all equally important to the story. Have students identify the main events. This is also an opportunity to incorporate character education, talking about the qualities of a good friend and good decision-making.

Too Many Carrots Story Map
Too Many Carrots Retelling
Too Many Carrots Personal Connection Writing

Learn More About the Author

Katy Hudson is both the author and illustrator. She grew up in England and started her illustration career as a small child drawing on walls around the house! She went to Art College and now draws animals and writes stories in London. Her debut author/illustrated picture book “Bear and Duck” was published in June 2015. “Too Many Carrots” was her second book. She has authored eight books and illustrated six. You can see some of her drawings in the online gallery

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