This silly series by Wendi Silvano is a first-grade favorite and Turkey Trick or Treat is a great read-aloud choice to add to your Halloween week lesson plans!


After Turkey and his barnyard friends watch the children trick or treating, they try to think of a clever disguise for Turkey to get treats for them too. In the end, Turkey gets enough candy to share with all his friends just by being himself.

Read Aloud Questions

Before Reading

  • Why do you think Tukey is in a pumpkin?
  • Why do you think the barnyard animals are gathered around him?
  • What do you predict the story will be about?

During Reading

  • What costume do you think Turkey will try? Do you think it will work?
  • What do you notice about the children in line? (all the suggestions have been the costumes they are wearing) 
  • What do you think Turkey will try next?

After Reading

  • Why do you think Mable Mayberry gave Turkey the rest of her candy?
  • What did Turkey do with his candy? What does that tell you about him?
  • Should you give candy to animals in real life?

Connecting Standards to Turkey Trick or Treat

Cause and Effect

There are several problems in the story: Turkey and the animals wanting candy is the initial problem. Then several characters see through his disguises and stop Turkey. You can have students identify both problems and solutions or you can provide the problem and let them just share or write the effect that resulted from each cause.


An adjective tells the reader more about a person, place, or thing. They add details to make writing more interesting 

R Blends

The word “treat” has an “r blend”. The t and r together make a special sound but do not become one sound. You can use this opportunity to focus on teaching or reviewing r blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr).

Turkey Trick or Treat r blends
Turkey Trick or Treat problem solution
Turkey Trick or Treat Story Map

More Fun With This Book and Author

Would you like to meet Wendi Silvano? She does in-person and virtual school visits and workshops too. You can get more information here.

If you’re looking for more activities for this Halloween favorite, check out the Learning Through Literature Turkey Trick or Treat book companion in the Resource Ranch store.

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